The Wedding Quilt Chupah

The Wedding Quilt

With the greatest of care and attention we specially design and assemble the ultimate Wedding Quilt Chupah, also referred to as a Unity Quilt,  from individual silk squares sent to your family and friends for each to creatively express their wishes for the bridal couple. When the pieces are returned to us, they are appliqued to an appropriate-sized canopy and trimmed with ribbon in your choice of color, which can also be personalized with the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date.

The Wedding Quilt Chupah is a particularly good choice for an interfaith marriage. The special messages to the bridal couple are woven together in one fabric, symbolizing the permanence of their union.

More than a photograph, this unique chupah becomes a permanent record of the joy felt by those invited to share your special day. Guests are delighted to participate in the tradition and splendor of the ritual, which furthers the harmony and warmth of the occasion.

Each piece is custom created to your taste and color scheme, as well as the number of guests; therefore, overall dimensions and price will vary. All you need do is supply us with names and addresses and we do all the rest.

Price starts at: $2400 plus shipping*

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