Setting Up Your Chupah

Let Your Florist Do It

Most florists are experienced in setting up a chupah, and if you are using one, it is best to have them do so. In the absence of a florist, the easiest way is to attach the wedding canopy to four wooden poles that are either held in place by four individuals or are set in the base of an outdoor umbrella or tree stand.

Materials Needed

  • Two 3/8″ curtain rods, extendable to at least the length of the canopy’s two longer sides (usually 72 inches).
  • Four wooden closet rods, 1-9/16″ in diameter, either eight or four feet in length.
  • Four #8 finishing nails.
  • Four bases used for outdoor umbrellas or tree stands.

Preparing the Canopy

Lisa Archer Silks┬ácanopies, other than those made of lightweight fabric, have sleeves sewn into the top (long side of the fabric). ┬áThe bottom of the canopy, with its hand-painted panel, faces downward so that it appears directly above the bride and groom. To minimize any sag in the canopy, insert a 3/8″ curtain rod in each sleeve and extend it to the length of the sleeve.

Preparing the Poles

Hammer one nail into the top center of each pole, leaving about 1-1/2″ of the nail showing. The poles can be painted or trimmed with fabric or flowers.

Using the Poles

Select four individuals to carry the poles in the processional and/or to hold them in place during the ceremony, or insert each pole in the base of an outdoor umbrella or tree stand, which can be decorated with flowers. If a base is used, make sure it is adequately weighted and won’t tip over.

Attaching the Canopy to the Poles

Your Lisa Archer Silks canopy has one or two grommets in each corner. Slip one grommet in each corner over the nail in each of the four poles to hold the canopy in place. If there are two grommets in each corner, make sure you consistently use the grommets on either the length or width of the canopy. Four decorative cords are provided if it is necessary to tie the canopy to the pole. Slip the cord through both grommets, wrap it around the pole, and tie a knot. If the chupah is set outdoors and it is windy, bend the nail back over each grommet to keep the canopy in place.

Displaying the Chupah after the Ceremony

If you use poles with a base, you can hang your chupah on two of them. To hold up the canopy as a wall hanging, slip the grommets at the two top corners over the nails.