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Victorian Romance Wedding Chupah

According to Jewish tradition, the wedding ceremony formally ended when the bride and groom retired to the wedding chamber, called the chupah. Over time, the chupah came to mean the canopy under which the bride and groom were married and symbolically represented the original wedding chamber. Today, the chupah has become the symbol of the home the bridal couple will establish.

Lisa Archer Silks recreates the artistry of the ancient chupah. They not only bring tradition to an important event, but are designed to be displayed afterwards as wall hangings, bed canopies, or framed silk paintings. They are created in a range of styles and prices to fit every taste and budget. Chupahs also cross all denominational boundaries and can be used at indoor or outdoor events.

Each chupah is individually hand-painted and sewn; it includes the names of the bride and groom, the passage from the Song of Songs in Hebrew or in English (“I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine“) for example, or another meaningful inscription, and the wedding date.

Standard Chupah Designs

Custom Designs

We take pride in creating a chupah design that reflects a motif of particular significance to the bridal couple and will produce one that fits their budget. Designs can include a personal heirloom, such as a particular image, or a passage from a literary piece.

The Wedding Ceremony

Each Lisa Archer Silks canopy comes with complete, easy-to-follow instructions on how to set up the chupah for the wedding ceremony and includes the required materials.

Displaying the Chupah in the Home

The construction and design of Lisa Archer Silks canopies make it easy to display in a variety of ways. Insert a curtain rod into the fabric sleeve sewn along the top (long side of the canopy) and mount two brackets on the wall for an instant wall hanging. Alternatively, make it the centerpiece of a bed canopy or use it as a bed covering. Not enough wall space? Remove the center panel and turn it into a framed silk painting.

You Don’t Have to be Jewish

Commemorate any wedding ceremony with one of our beautiful, hand-painted silk panels or suggest a design of your choice.

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No matter what work of art is chosen, clients can be sure it will become a long-treasured heirloom.