Silk Apparel Collections by Lisa Archer Silks

Inspired by the beauty and a hues of the Montana landscape, Lisa Archer’s Silk Collections are created with the sweeping color palettes of the amazing scenery that surrounds her.
The Sapphire Collection sparks the rose, green, purple and blue tones from the mineral deposits found in the Bitterroot Valleys Sapphire Mountain Range. Traditionally, sapphire symbolizes nobility, truth, sincerity, and faithfulness. It has decorated the robes of royalty and clergy members for centuries. It’s extraordinary color is the standard against which other gems are measured.
The Montana Earth and Sky Collection captures the tones of the sky at sunrise giving way to the crystal waters found in Glacier National Park. It embraces the hues of sunrise, glaciers, ebony, and tobacco shades that make up the colors of the Treasure State.

Sapphire Gem Collection™

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Montana Earth & Sky Collection™


Products from the Montana Collection

Feather Series

A stroll along the banks of the Bitterroot River brought forth the stone collection of Feathers on the Bitterroot. When I feasted my eyes on some delicate feathers floating atop the water, propelled into motion by a swirling eddy, my vision was born.

Upon arriving home, I immediately put brush onto silk to recreate this beautiful experience. Thus, my feather designs were born.

The quiet dance of the suspended feathers in these scarves communicates a soothing, therapeutic sense of contentment to those who wear them.


Stone Series™

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