Article About Georgine in the May 2015 Missoula Valley Lifestyle Magazine

Georgine Lisa Archer | Wear It: Artist’s Silk Canvas Explodes With Color Missoula Valley Lifestyle Magazine, May 2015 Written by Kate Dinitto Photography by Open Lens by Pamela Excerpt from article: I was born and raised in New Jersey. Acting upon a life-long interest in painting, fashion and design, I gifted a hand-painted silk wedding […]

Unique Silks Article in Ravalli Republic – Feb 2015

Unique silks: Stevensville artist creates one-of-a-kind art and fashion pieces in the February 25, 2015, issue of the Ravalli Republic. Written by Michelle McConnaha. An excerpt from the article: STEVENSVILLE – Exquisite fashion created from luxurious silk handpainted with vibrant colors is the creation of artist Georgine Lisa Archer. She developed and refined her silk painting […]

Wearable Art Article in Summer 2014 ‘From River to Ridge’ Magazine

Wearable Art: Fashion and Home Decor by Lisa Archer Silks in the summer 2014 issue of From River to Ridge. Written by Kendal Norris Photography was provided by Open Lens by Pamela. An excerpt from the magazine: A luxury fabric developed by the Chinese in the fourth millennium BC, silk is a gift of moth […]

From River to Ridge – November 2013 – Photo Layout Feature

Georgine and Lisa Archer Silks had a photo layout in the November 2013 issue of From River to Ridge. Photography was provided by Open Lens by Pamela. An excerpt from the magazine: Georgine Lisa Archer combines the exquisite color of nature with the graceful fibers of silk to create elegant, wearable art – hand-painted silk […]

2004 Mutt America Contest Winner on Live with Regis and Kelly

In May 2004, the popular morning TV show, Live with Regis and Kelly, had a contest for “mutts,” known as non-purebred dogs. Having entered our own dog,  Bow,  into the contest, we were eventually flown to New York City. Both Bow and I were on the show live over a four-day period, along with four other contestants. […]

Poetry Wedding Chupah


Elegant in its simplicity, this gossamer white chupah is an ethereal interpretation of the traditional tallis with its familiar motif or repeating wide and narrow satin stripes and satin fringe. The names of the bride and groom and the wedding date are hand lettered onto the satin stripes in your choice of English or Hebrew. […]

Serenity Simple Wedding Canopy


Diaphanous as butterfly wings, this delicate, sheer silk chiffon canopy, streaked with golden threads, floats gently overhead, adding a serene grace to the hush of the ceremony. An oval of silk crepe de chine is hand lettered in Hebrew with the simple and ancient words of the Song of Songs, “I am my beloved’s, and […]

Larra Wedding Chupah Canopy


Fresh as the day “at the morn,” the brilliant colors of this hand-painted silk panel captures the vibrancy of morning glories in full bloom, creating a romantic setting for the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date. Surrounding the panel is an iridescent white and silver sequined trim, appliqued to a wedding […]