Family Circle Wedding Canopy

Family Circle

To those yearning for the traditional and nostalgic, we create tomorrow’s heirloom — Family Circle, a hand-crocheted canopy in a diamond cobweb pattern, bordered by a valance crocheted in a fisherman’s net pattern and trimmed in sparkling blue ribbon.

What makes this chupah uniquely memorable are the personal wishes expressed in the silk circles, lovingly prepared by family and friends and then appliqued onto the canopy. Thirty-two circles are available for that purpose; while we reserve three circles on which we hand letter the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date. If you have less than thirty-two guest circles, we provide a selection of hand-painted miniatures to balance the canopy from our Pastel, Stained Glass, and Radiant Collections.

As an alternative, the current bride and groom can begin a family heirloom with one circle of their names and wedding date together with a selection of our hand-painted miniatures; which can be easily removed and replaced as other family members and generations take their vows and add their own circles.

You supply us the information and we send a blank, silk circle to the guests of your choice with instructions and return envelopes, and otherwise handle all the details.

Approximate overall dimensions: 54″ x 72″

Price (includes ten painted miniatures): $1925 plus shipping*

Each additional miniature: $45

Other, less expensive alternatives are available for those who prefer to include only a limited number of family and friends in a standard design chupah. Two such chupahs are:

To keep costs down in these alternative designs, coordination with the participants can be done by the bridal couple, or someone else they designate, using letters, silk circles or squares, instructions, and envelopes we provide. All circle and squares are then returned to us in one package.

Visit our Ordering Instructions page then call (406-360-3698) to discuss how we can create a personalized, heirloom Family Circle Wedding Chupah for you.

Photos (click to view large images):

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